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About our company


About us

In October 2018, drawing on the experience and technologies of European manufacturers, LOGAL-BIO LLC implemented an investment project and launched a high-tech agricultural complex for growing champignons consisting of 12 chambers with a total area of ​​over 8600 m². In September 2019, the second building was launched, also consisting of 12 cameras with a total area of ​​more than 8600 m².
Currently, the complex consists of 24 cultivation chambers, with a total area of ​​more than 17,200 m². Automation of the production cycle ensures uninterrupted year-round harvesting. Automatic control systems maintain humidity, carbon dioxide level, temperature, frequency of irrigation, that is, a favorable microclimate for growing products with high energy value and taste.

Our complex allows you to grow 4,900 tons of freshly cultivated champignon mushrooms. Thanks to non-waste production, every year we ship 19,000 tons of high-quality organic fertilizer to agricultural producers of the Republic of Belarus.

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LLC "LOGAL-BIO" - technologies on guard of quality

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European equipment

Full automated control of key indicators: humidity, temperature, sterility

Support at all stages of the transaction

The personal manager provides a full report at any stage of the transaction.

Ready to Implement Product

No additional processing required. The product can be delivered directly to retail chains.

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A look into the future


At the moment, we are already working with retail chains not only in the Republic of Belarus, but also in the Russian Federation. In the short term, LLC LOGAL-BIO plans to enter the European market!

Our company is proud of its mission to produce a valuable food product that benefits people. We plan further expansion of production, the constant introduction of new technologies to improve product quality and deliver it to the final consumer.

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Champignon dishes


Dishes with champignons are delicious in taste, easy to prepare, and champignons can also replace meat for our body.

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LLC "LOGAL-BIO" is one of the leading suppliers of champignons in Belarus!

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